A nexus of artistic resources and incredible technology has enabled the creation of these nearly-eight-feet prints: never before have advancements in optical mechanics afforded the photographer with such clarity of resolution and depth of detail; never before have printers approached eight feet in length and preserved that clarity. Together with his singular artistry, these evolutions in camera and print technologies have allowed Von Briggs to realize his vision.

Each remarkable image is the fusion of photograph to coated metal plate: a rare process that chemically bonds the two elements, thereby protecting the images and simultaneously enhancing each guitar’s naturally dynamic color pallette and metallic luminescnce.

The limited-edition prints that comprise his collection of work, “Electric,” are peerless examples of art that celebrate the aesthetic, design, craftsmanship, and historical significance of iconic and celebrated guitars through the past century. With 94 inches by 34 inches as his minimum size, Von Briggs aspires to print the guitar as a true showpiece; one that commands the spaces of museums, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial and private establishments that revere and embody the spirit of rock and roll.

Perhaps one day - in the distant future - when this newly-minted technology becomes more ubiquitous, others will strive to create their interpretation of Von Briggs’ fine art photographs.

In the distant future. 

Selections from "Electric" are currently exhibiting at Winfield Gallery in Carmel, California.